Weeknotes – S05E43 – Ups and Downs in Freelancing

Summary: The subconscious crew had a great week, coming up with lots of good stuff for novel number four. Things are slowing down on the paid editing front, though, as several promised projects got cancelled or delayed, and there weren’t as many new suitable postings to pitch for.   Monday: Slightly weird start to the […]

Weeknotes – S05E42 – Cafe Culture

Summary: Cafe sessions proved particularly productive this week, so I’m thinking about expanding my regular cafe days to three (or sometimes four) days per week, instead of two.   Monday: Back to work after a whole week off, so I took myself to the cafe with an extensive task list. First was transferring submission opportunities […]

Very Small Fish

I’ve been frequenting my favourite local cafe a couple of times a week since I went fully freelance in August, and I’m starting to feel really at home there.   In previous years, I’ve always preferred being anonymous in cafes. At one time, I would stop off at a particular Starbucks regularly on the way […]

Weeknotes – S05E41 – Week Off!

Summary: A very successful week off! Several clients asked me to do short, urgent tasks, but I had told them all previously that I wouldn’t be available, so I turned them down.   Sunday: I wrote up reviews of all the new games I played on holiday, as well as the two books I finished. […]

Weeknotes – S05E40 – Preparing for a Holiday

Summary: Preparing for being on holiday next week – I managed to finish all my current paid editing projects, and also line up several weeks’ worth for when we get back. So no actual work and no pitching required while we’re away!   Monday: I had planned to go to the cafe today, but it […]