Weeknotes – S06E16 – Subconscious Crew Gone Rogue!

Summary: I decided to start doing morning pages this week, and there may have been some quite startling results… Glad I didn’t have a huge amount of paid editing to do this week, as the subconscious crew went rogue!   Monday: I reviewed a computer game.   Tuesday: After reading an interview with Julia Cameron […]

Approaching Revisions

Recent work on my third novel has been an interesting rollercoaster of emotions. As mentioned in my last couple of blog posts, I’ve been thinking a lot about my outlining process, and I’ve also been enjoying working on a comprehensive revision plan for this novel.   And the result of both of those has been […]

Weeknotes – S06E15 – Planning complete

Summary: I finished my revision plan for the third novel this week – which means I have to start the new draft next week! Eek!   Monday: Cafe day today – settled at my usual table by 8:30am, as I had a lot to do. I started by going through my flash draft and refining/expanding […]

Weeknotes – S06E14 – Progress on All Fronts

Summary: Well, that was an unexpected seven-day writing week! I did a lot of very enjoyable paid editing, and made at least some progress on my own writing projects, so I’m declaring a victory!   Monday: I decided it would be best to stay at home today, so I settled on the sofa (with Stanley […]

Weeknotes – S06E13 – Plans Interrupted

Summary: My writing week didn’t go entirely according to plan, but all progress is good progress! And sometimes things get in the way, and it’s okay.   Monday: Today was the start of my ‘new routine’! I had decided that, on returning from the writing retreat, I would establish a new routine of paid work […]