Weeknotes – S06E13 – Plans Interrupted


My writing week didn’t go entirely according to plan, but all progress is good progress! And sometimes things get in the way, and it’s okay.



Today was the start of my ‘new routine’! I had decided that, on returning from the writing retreat, I would establish a new routine of paid work and personal projects on Mon/Tue/Fri (with the option to work on my own writing on Thursdays as well), spending Mon/Fri at the cafe.

I started with my paid editing projects, wanting to get back into a decent work ethic, and hoping that being in the cafe would keep me focused to work on my personal projects later in the day.

I edited the next section of the self-help/mathematics books, and also the next chapter of the environmental thriller.

Then I went back to the autobiography, pushing past the section that had already been edited by the client and into the unknown territory of the rest of the book.

After lunch, I brainstormed some Legacy developments, did some more work on the short story expansion, and typed up some of my outlining notes, all building on things I started on retreat.

So, I did manage to do at least some work on all the projects on my list, and it felt like a pretty long day, even though I was done by 3pm!



I started with the next section of the autobiography, which was a bit more in need of editing than the earlier sections, but not as badly as I’d feared.

I also completed editing the self-help/mathematics books, which I really enjoyed, and sent it back to the author for approval.

After lunch, I had the weekly Revision Club call to keep me focused but I couldn’t move on to my own projects, as the TV script writer had sent over a new version, so I edited half of that.

It was wonderful to see and speak to all the Revision Club crew, but I totally ran out of steam, once I’d finished my paid editing work, so I decided to take a break until my meditation class.

Much later, I typed up some more of my outlining notes and started gathering my resources to put together my master revision plan for Legacy.



I edited the latest podcast episode.

I also worked on the Legacy revision plan and typed up more outlining notes.



I finished an audiobook and wrote my review.

The self-help/mathematics author sent me the acknowledgements page to edit – and he’d thanked me, which was sweet! I made a few minor amendments and sent it back.



Back to the cafe today for a proper working day.

I started by completing the copy edit of the TV script and sending it back to the author for review and approval. Then I edited the next section of the environmental thriller, before going back to the autobiography for a bit.

Shortly before lunch, my day was interrupted by important family stuff, so I didn’t get to my own projects – but at least I completed all the paid projects that had deadlines of the end of the week.

Plus, the beauty of being a freelancer meant I could dedicate necessary time and attention away from work, without having to officially take time off, and I knew I would have the flexibility to fit work around other obligations, where required.


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