Weeknotes – S08E07 – Achieving Balance

Summary: Properly back into the swing of things on the paid work front, and also quite a lot of progress on my projects/development – yay!   Monday: I actually sat at my desk to work today, which felt weird, but was probably better for my back than slouching on the sofa (confirmed by my osteopath […]

Weeknotes – S08E05 – Feelings vs Evidence

Summary: It feels like I’m really not getting anywhere so far this year – with paid work or with my own projects. I know intellectually this isn’t true (I’m plugging steadily away at everything, even if I’m not exactly where I want to be) but it’s still the way it feels…   Monday: I felt […]

Weeknotes – S08E04 – Sprint and Rest

Summary: Strong start to the week, with both paid editing work and my own projects – I front-loaded everything so I could have some time off in the second half, which was nice.   Monday: Busy, busy day today… I spent the morning on my two current client novels – a queer drama and a […]

Weeknotes – Back to Reality…

Summary: The writing retreat was both more and less successful than I’d hoped – but still a lovely way to start the year! Now I really need to get back into a proper work mindset to get back to paid editing…   Monday: I started my third full day on Urban Writers Retreat by going […]

Weeknotes – S08E01 – Hurrah for Retreats!

Summary: Re-starting paid work for 2024 went a bit awry but lots of novel revision planning done on retreat!   Wednesday: It was back to work today with a new publisher client, copy editing a ‘based-on-a-true-story’ contemporary novel. I was at my desk like a proper worker bee by 9am – and did a little […]

Weeknotes – S07E50 – Gaining Control

Summary: I feel like I got control of the train a bit more this week – I got pretty much everything done that I’d planned and I didn’t feel overwhelmed. I also took some much-needed time off to relax, so I think I reached an equilibrium. I’m still really looking forward to an extended break […]