Weeknotes – S04E48 – The Joy Is Back!

Summary: The joy is definitely back! But I’m taking it slow, trying not to put too much pressure on my writing, in case it goes away again… Lots of good stuff this week, but in small chunks.   Monday: I woke up full of enthusiasm (despite having finished my major retreat project the day before) […]

Getting Out Of My Own Way

I had big plans for my second novel this year.   I was going to finish the second draft, send it out for feedback from my beta readers, complete revisions based on that feedback, polish up a final draft and submit it to my publisher for consideration – all by the end of June!   […]

Weeknotes – S04E47 – Third Draft Done!

Summary: Some great prep work early in the week, leading into my at-home retreat, which went extremely well. As ever, once I actually got started, it didn’t turn out to be as hard as I expected.   Monday: I consolidated my remaining Colours revision notes, in the hopes that reorganising them would provide a clearer […]

Weeknotes – S04E46 – Ebbs and Flows

Summary: Fluctuating motivation and progress this week, but still progress overall.   Monday: I woke up with Colours writing itself in my head again, which was amazing. So I got up and did some work on it first thing – by choice rather than by scheduling! Later, Dave and I embarked on our first After […]

Water Drabbles

The second in the Elemental Drabbles series from Fantasia Divinity is called Waters of Destruction. There are four sections – fantasy, horror, science-fiction and romance, and there are drabbles written by me in each genre. You can buy a copy here.

Weeknotes – S04E045 – Exploring Mindset

Summary: The start of the week was all about forcing myself to stick to the schedule, but the end of the week was all about enthusiasm, all thanks to a new course I started. So, yay for self-reflection, encouragement and community!   Monday: I did some submissions.   Thursday: I scheduled my usual writing time […]