Weeknotes – S04E44 – The Plan is Everything


Scheduling and trying to stick to a specific plan worked out this week. It was always tough to get going, but by the end of the week I made good progress on my second novel and felt like I was getting back on track with it.



I started out working on Colours, as per the plan. I did some amendments to the build up of the main relationship in the story, and then tracked the timeline and adjusted it back a couple of years so as to avoid needing to mention the pandemic.

Then I went back to Artisan and proofread another three chapters, before moving on to editing some more of my friend’s novel.

So, three times three novels, three days in a row!



I wrote a review of a game we played the night before and edited a bit more of my friend’s novel.



For logistical reasons, I had to break my rule about always starting with Colours. Instead, I proofread three more chapters of Artisan and finished editing my friend’s novel first thing.

Then I went back to Colours later in the day. I only had two sections of revisions left to do – the major expansion of the antagonist’s arc and involvement, and the total rewrite of the climax. So not much, then! I started out with the former by re-reading and re-organising my notes, because transferring notes from one notebook to another in different coloured pens is one of my favourite things to do – and justified by the fact that it really helps get the story back in my head and the subconscious crew working on the pesky details.



I did some work on the antagonist arc in Colours, and proofread three more chapters of Artisan.

Then I did my October reflection and November planning in my UWR writing diary.



I had some interesting thoughts about Colours during my morning meditation, so sat down to write with a bit more motivation than in recent times. I went back to the beginning and started going through the manuscript scene by scene to identify where the antagonist expansion aspects needed to be included. I made it 30% of the way through, which felt like good progress, though the majority of revisions need to be made in the second half.

Then I went back to Artisan and got back on track with my proofreading schedule by tackling two more chapters.


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