Contrary Brain

I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for some time but haven’t got around to it until now. That’s partly because I’ve been very busy with editing work and my own writing, but also because my attitude to the planned subject matter is still shifting (so much so that I just changed the title […]

Weeknotes – S07E12 – Still Going Strong

Summary: Still going strong on the novel and novella front – here’s hoping that continues for a while, since I have firm external deadlines for both now! Lots of exciting and varied stuff happening on the paid editing front, too, so writing/editing life is good!   Monday: Up and at my desk before nine, but […]

Weeknotes – S07E10 – Enforced Rest

Summary: Seven days of ‘writing’, though not necessarily that much ‘actual’ progress. Things will need to ramp up next week, though, as I have a *lot* to do.   Monday: It feels like a long time since I actually managed to do a ‘proper’ work and writing day, so… After only a small amount of […]