Weeknotes – S07E10 – Enforced Rest


Seven days of ‘writing’, though not necessarily that much ‘actual’ progress. Things will need to ramp up next week, though, as I have a *lot* to do.



It feels like a long time since I actually managed to do a ‘proper’ work and writing day, so…

After only a small amount of faffing around, I got back to ‘eating the frog’ and wrote the next scene of Darkness.

I also had two new client projects to work on – one of which was more work from one of last week’s new clients, so that felt good. I did in-depth copy editing for one of the anthropology lectures from the book I edited the introduction for last week, and also started on developmental feedback for the first couple of chapters of a book about philosophy and nature.

I did a couple more submissions for Meditations and Legacy.



Typing the Darkness scene yesterday really made my thumb hurt (even though it hasn’t before) so I didn’t write a scene today, though I did make notes based on inspiration from the subconscious crew overnight.

I finished both my client projects – the anthropology lectures and the nature philosophy opening chapters, so that felt productive.

I also wrote a review of the third book I finished in the space of a week.



I wrote a review of the gig I went to the night before.



I wanted to be productive today, so I repurposed a recent blog entry to fit my GYWO discussion post for the month.

I also wrote two more reviews of books I finished and did all my prep for the next podcast episode.



My comedy novel client sent me chapter two, so I edited that and sent it right back.

I also did some more submissions for Meditations and Legacy, as well as going through this month’s Writing Magazine for new opportunities.



The subconscious crew had a brainwave about an early Darkness scene so I edited it a bit, bringing my days of working on the novel this week up to the scheduled three – though I only actually completed one new scene, but that’s okay!

After lunch, I did a ton of submissions based on the opportunities I found in Writing Magazine the night before.

I also resurrected a story idea from last year that never got written and started brainstorming it for an upcoming novella submission call – because of course I can write 20,000 words of a completely new thing by 1st May!



I did a paid sample edit for a prospective new client.

I also wrote a review of a book I finished.


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