Weeknotes – S07E11 – (Almost) Full Steam Ahead


Very productive week all round, though I did try not to go overboard, so as to be able to maintain levels of activity over more than one week.



I was feeling quite keen today, which was good because I had a vast amount of paid work to do after winning lots of projects over the weekend. But I went back to ‘eating the frog’ first. I decided to pace myself, though, after the pain issue of last week, so I only wrote a third of a Darkness scene.

Then it was on to a paid sample edit for a prospective new book client and editing the whole of a short e-book about parenting for another new client.

After that, I started working more on the outline for the ridiculously ambitious new novella project I’d stupidly decided I wanted to do.

I rounded off the paid portion of my working day with edits to the start of a 1980s-set novel and also the start of a nonfiction book for teens – one a new client and one an existing client.

I managed another couple of short story submissions, to complete a very productive day!



Enthusiasm still in place, I was at my usual table in the cafe by 8:30am today.

I finished the Darkness scene I started yesterday, then edited another short parenting book from that new client, before editing the next section of the teen nonfiction book. Then it was back to the 1980s novel for a bit.

I did some more outlining work for my new novella, then went back to paid work and edited more of the teen nonfiction book and the 1980s novel.

I also did a few more submissions, so another very productive day!

Later, during my evening meditation class, the subconscious crew made an appearance with some great ideas for the next Darkness scene so I wrote the first half of that once the class was over.



Even though it was supposed to be my day off, I decided to finish editing the teen nonfiction book, not only to take the pressure off the rest of the week, but also because the client seemed keen to get it back as soon as possible.

I also wrote a review of a book I finished.



Back to ‘frog-eating’ today, though it was easier than usual because I already had half the next scene written, based on the crew’s contributions during meditation earlier in the week. So I finished it fairly quickly. Maybe there’s really something to the idea that finishing partway through a scene (or even a sentence) makes it easier to pick the narrative up again when you come back to it!

Workwise, I edited the next couple of chapters of the 1980s novel and also the whole of a short book about finding peace, which was a new project I’d won earlier in the week.

Later, I came up with some more really great ideas for the new novella and made some additional notes in my outline.



I decided not to work on client projects today, but was keen to work on my own stuff instead.

I completed a complicated application, entering Legacy for an editing mentorship programme, which I wasn’t expecting to get anywhere with – but who knows?

I also started the first draft of the ambitious novella and completed the first scene, which went pretty well.

Later, I did a fairly extensive edit on an excellent short story for one of the TL;DR writers.



I did a sample edit for a prospective new editing client. I also researched some more agents for submitting Legacy and Meditations.



I had a short call with a prospective new editing client to discuss the requirements of the project. I also researched some more agents for submitting Legacy and Meditations.


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