Weeknotes – S07E12 – Still Going Strong


Still going strong on the novel and novella front – here’s hoping that continues for a while, since I have firm external deadlines for both now! Lots of exciting and varied stuff happening on the paid editing front, too, so writing/editing life is good!



Up and at my desk before nine, but lots of little admin stuff to sort out before I could get on with the main tasks of the day.

I kept up with ‘eating the frog’, though I considered switching the frog from the novel to the novella until the novella submission deadline had passed. But my enthusiasm for writing the novella was greater than for writing the novel, so I decided to stick to the normal schedule.

So, I wrote the next Darkness scene before settling back into editing the 1980s client novel. I had another fun romance outline to review from one of my newer clients, so I did that next, then forged on with the next scene of my own novella, which was still going well. I had some thoughts about later scenes and made some notes to remind myself of them later.

I kept plugging away at the 1980s client novel for a bit (not that it was a chore – far from it!) and also did a couple more agent submissions for Meditations.

Later, I finished a book and wrote my review.



Another 8:45am start – here’s hoping this is the beginning of a new and productive routine!

Straight in with the ‘frog-eating’ today and onto the next Darkness scene.

Workwise, I alternated between editing the 1980s novel and providing feedback on the next chapter of the nature philosophy book from a while back, which the author came back to me about a couple of days ago.

Everything felt very hard and very slow today, but an impromptu Revision Club Write-Along session in the afternoon provided a much-needed boost from talking to others in the same situation, as well as forcing me to focus for longer than I would have done otherwise.

Not least because my wonderful editor, Amie, was on the call so we talked about deadlines for getting the first draft of Darkness for her for developmental feedback and I got enthused about committing to a date…



I didn’t have much else to do today, so I worked on the novella for a bit.

I also won my third novel-length editing project of the month (added to two more shorter nonfiction books) so I was set for paid work until the end of April!



I finished the novella scene I started the day before and also wrote a review of another book I finished.

Later, I did a couple more Meditations submissions and also edited the latest episode of the podcast.



Darkness scene first on the list, then alternating between editing the 1980s novel and a new novel project about a yoga teacher, with a new novella scene written in between. I also started a new project from a now regular client – editing a book about Egyptian mythology.

Both novel and novella are going really well still, so I’m well on track to meet their respective deadlines. It feels weird for the words to be flowing so easily – it may be that they’re both absolutely dreadful, but that doesn’t matter at this point. All they need to do right now is exist!



I wrote reviews of a musical we went to see the night before and the book I finished on the train home.


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