Weeknotes – S04E43 – Sticking to the Plan!

Summary: I kept myself to my new writing plan and made good progress on all fronts, working on three different novels throughout the week.   Monday: I stated my goals on the Urban Writers’ Retreat online session page, then cracked on with editing the last two chapters of Artisan. And I finished! And sent the […]

Getting Back On Track

My last blog post saw me clearing the decks to focus on my second novel throughout September, in the hopes that I might finish my next round of revisions and have it in decent shape to submit to my publisher in November. That’s definitely not going to happen.   Two days after I posted that, […]

Weeknotes – S04E42 – All The Editing

Summary: Lots of editing, both of my novel and someone else’s.   Monday: I started off by editing three more chapters of Artisan, then did a bit more editing on my friend’s novel.   Tuesday: I did a bit more editing on my friend’s novel.   Thursday: Back to the regular focusing session with Claire […]

Weeknotes – S04E40 – Mostly Reviews

Summary:   Not much on the writing project front this week, and unlikely to be much progress next week either – but then the big push to the end of the year will begin!   Monday:   I wrote a review of the film we watched the night before.   Tuesday:   I edited another […]