Detail-Oriented Debbie

This year, I’ve been having monthly calls with Claire from CP’s Day Off. They are designed as an accountability mechanism, to help writers define their goals, identify obstacles to progress and work towards achievement. All of that is good stuff, though Claire and I are both aware that I’m probably more organised and productive than […]

Weeknotes – S05E16 – Just Getting On With It

Summary: Reasonably steady progress throughout the week, with particularly good sessions at the start and end. Glad to have finished a first draft of a long-ish short story that’s been in my head for weeks.   Monday: There was a whole lot of faffing about with booking holidays, sorting admin, updating websites, reading online articles […]

Weeknotes – S05E15 – Weird But Exciting Times

Summary: I have no idea what else happened this week (writing-related or non-writing-related) because contact with a publisher on Thursday and over the weekend pushed everything else into the background.   Monday: I got feedback on my TL;DR Flash Fiction Competition entry so I tweaked it a bit and then submitted it. The final version […]

Weeknotes – S05E14 – Go, Crew, Go!

Summary: Awesome week on the writing front, with the subconscious crew going absolutely above and beyond on the novel, a longish short story and a flash fiction piece – all without waking me up before 8:30am! Go, crew!   Monday: I started out with my Hour of Writes marking for this week’s competition. Then, after […]