Weeknotes – S05E14 – Go, Crew, Go!


Awesome week on the writing front, with the subconscious crew going absolutely above and beyond on the novel, a longish short story and a flash fiction piece – all without waking me up before 8:30am! Go, crew!



I started out with my Hour of Writes marking for this week’s competition.

Then, after a lot of faffing, procrastinating (I reorganised my spice rack…) and complaining, I utilised both Charlie’s online retreat and the TL;DR Slack community to get me in gear and actually managed to add over 1200 new words to Safeguarding.



I got proofs through from two publications that are including a contribution from me in April, so I checked them and confirmed back that all was okay.

I also wrote two reviews of books I finished today.



I edited and expanded the next section of Safeguarding.

Then I wrote a bit more of the dragon story.



I had a nice long lie-in and the subconscious crew responded by basically writing out the next Safeguarding scene in my head and then laying out the plot for the rest of the dragon story right afterwards!

Which, of course, made me less interested in writing either of them because all the fun work had already been done…

But, after some faffing and some life admin, I sat down at my desk and forged on with Safeguarding. Then, I wrote a bullet point summary of the rest of the dragon story, so I wouldn’t forget it.

Later, I went back to the dragon story and actually carried on drafting for a bit.



I got my prompts for the TL;DR Flash Fiction Competition and did some brainstorming, then set the subconscious crew working on it, with a request for an actual plot the next day.

I also finished a book and wrote my review.



The subconscious crew came up absolute trumps again, with an entire flash fiction plot first thing this morning (they really have been on fire recently!) so I got up and did a first draft.

Then I did some submissions.

Later, I did my marking for this week’s Hour of Writes competition.

I tweaked my TL;DR flash competition entry after some feedback from Dave, then posted it in the TL;DR Slack for more feedback.

Even later, I went back to the dragon story and continued the first draft.


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