Weeknotes S02E04

Summary:   I experienced both accomplishment and doubt this week, so a fairly typical few days as a writer! I’m generally very pleased with the focus I’m managing to keep on my writing, but I’m also very well aware how far I still have to go to get where I want to be. Monday:   […]

The Presupposition of Success

I’ve recently been gaining a lot of benefit from the concept of the presupposition of success. I first came across this a couple of years ago, in a session on self-hypnosis at a writing festival.   In that context, it was about introducing a statement into your subconscious, assuming an answer to a particular question […]

Weeknotes S02E03

Summary: Good use of available time this week, and two new cafes discovered that are okay for emergency writing sessions. I’m also doing very well on my habit pledge, as I’ve only missed two writing days in the year so far.   Monday: I planned to have today off from writing, but was adding submission […]

Weeknotes – S02E02

Summary: Writing every day, which is very unusual for me. Some days, it was just the Writers’ Block Detox prompt, but it all counts!   Monday: I made my way to Good and Proper to meet Ann, not feeling particularly enthused. I decided just to work on one thing at a time, see how it […]

Life Plus 2M Volume 2

My short story, The Turtle, has been included in Life Plus 2M Volume 2, edited by David Zetland. David runs a website bringing attention to the potentially catastrophic effects of global warming and the rise of sea levels, and has put together anthologies of projected visions of the future and short stories on this theme. […]

Good Habits Are Their Own Reward

I was reading the latest issue of Mslexia the other day, and came across a quote from Gretchen Rubin, which says: “The reward for a good habit is the good habit, and that’s the reward to give yourself.”   This has certainly been the case for me recently with my writing. I’m still submitting to […]

Weeknotes – S02E01

Summary:   Lots of focus on writing this week, but I perhaps overestimated how much my brain would be prepared to put up with. It’s good to have lots of things to work on, but I need to be realistic about what I can achieve, and also make sure I schedule in time to relax! […]

Weeknotes – S01E18

Summary: Not too much done this week, but more than I expected, so  good end to the year!   Wednesday: I had some random inspiration about a major plot point in Colours so wrote some hasty notes to ensure I didn’t lose the new ideas.   Friday: I hadn’t intended to write anything on the […]