Weeknotes – S05E15 – Weird But Exciting Times


I have no idea what else happened this week (writing-related or non-writing-related) because contact with a publisher on Thursday and over the weekend pushed everything else into the background.



I got feedback on my TL;DR Flash Fiction Competition entry so I tweaked it a bit and then submitted it. The final version came in at 997 words (the maximum is 1000) so I was pretty pleased with that.

Then I worked through the 6500 word Terraverse fanfic Dave wrote over the weekend and corrected all the grammar, spelling, formatting, etc. There wasn’t actually as much to correct as he’d feared and both story and characters were really fun and well written.



I had an idea for this week’s Hour of Writes competition, so I wrote and submitted my entry. I’m glad this is back up and running again, since I had a ton of credits saved up from before it disappeared and it’s a fun weekly challenge to do. I hope more people will discover it and join in, and I did my part towards that by posting about it on four different online writing communities.



I wasn’t feeling particularly motivated this morning, but I sat down to write anyway and completed the next Safeguarding scene. This brought me to the end of the original short story, so all further work on this will be new words. The rest of the document is blank, which is a bit daunting, but I have a good outline and I’m enjoying writing it, so I think I’ll be okay.

Then I did some submissions.

And one of those submissions almost immediately turned into a publication offer for Colours – which was weird and exciting and confusing, but also probably good!



I wrote the dedication and acknowledgements for Colours, having got over-excited by the publication offer from the day before…

I also did my marking for this week’s Hour of Writes competition.

Later, I finished a book and wrote my review.



I realised I hadn’t read any more of the novel written by Dave’s friend’s sister, so I got back into it and made some more comments.

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