Weeknotes – S05E16 – Just Getting On With It


Reasonably steady progress throughout the week, with particularly good sessions at the start and end. Glad to have finished a first draft of a long-ish short story that’s been in my head for weeks.



There was a whole lot of faffing about with booking holidays, sorting admin, updating websites, reading online articles – all sorts of stuff – before I finally got down to some actual writing today…

But at long last, I did settle down to write the next Safeguarding scene.

I made some notes for later scenes, based on what I came up with for the most recent one.

Then I went back to the sci-fi novel I was giving feedback on and read a bit more.

Later, the subconscious crew came up with some ideas for Safeguarding just before I went to bed, which was unusual as they generally present stuff first thing in the morning. So, I added some notes to my index card outline.

Later again, one of the TL;DR writers suggested a watch-along of Brandon Sanderson’s lectures on writing science-fiction and fantasy, as several of us had been saying we’d intended to watch them for years and never got round to it. The introductory lecture was interesting and engaging, so I committed to trying to follow along with the plan as much as possible.



I had a chat with Hannah about various writing-related things, then we did a 45-minute focus session, in which I wrote this month’s GYWO discussion post and then read some more of the sci-fi novel and commented on it.



I caught up with the Sanderson watch-along by viewing the first half of lecture two at lunchtime and the second half just after work. It was about plot and had some really great tips and advice, which suggested the lecture series deserves its reputation of being excellent.



After a brief morning run, I settled down to a proper session with a list of tasks to get through.

I started out with a review of the book I finished the night before, then read and commented on the query letter and synopsis for Hannah’s romance novel.

Then I dashed off an entry for this week’s Hour of Writes competition, which actually turned out quite well, after some inspiration on the prompt from Dave.



I brainstormed a new title for Colours and agreed it with the publisher.



In order to help Dave complete a task he’d been putting off for a long time, I agreed to sit down and do a focus session with him in the evening. So I finally got round to finishing the first draft of the dragon story and putting it up on the TL;DR Slack for feedback.


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