Weeknotes – S07E09 – The Year is Moving On


A bit hit and miss on both work and writing this week – I did get some stuff done (and all progress is good progress, as Captain Bear is fond of reminding me) but it wasn’t a lot. What I did to a lot of was reading, so I also wrote lots of reviews! I also practised using my off-hand to write quite a lot, with a view to becoming functionally ambidextrous by the time my thumb injury heals – productive? Maybe!



After quite a few days off and not much in the way of inspiration for the next scene, I really didn’t want to work on Darkness today. But, after a leisurely breakfast, some meditation and pitching for lots of potential new paid editing projects, I knuckled down and at least got some words down.

I had one new paid project to do today – editing the introduction to a nonfiction book about an anthropologist, so I completed that before lunch and sent it back for review and approval.

I also wrote reviews for a live show we went to see at the weekend and an audiobook I finished.



I won another paid editing project overnight, but decided to keep today as my day off from work.

I did write a review of the book I finished the night before, though.



I faffed around like an absolute champ this morning – long breakfast, shower, putting on the laundry, updates to my online writing groups, pitching for paid editing work – anything to put off actually getting back to the novel. But then I told myself I could have a three-day weekend (and not do my third scene of the week) if I just got on with it – so I wrote Scene 11 of Darkness and it was fine!

I also completed the new client project, which turned out to be a really fun Australian kids’ story about some friends building a billy cart for a big race.

Later, I wrote reviews of the two new games we played at the board games event we attended the night before.



No unfinished client projects (I think the first time in nearly two years that I’ve had a day when I would work if I could, but didn’t have any to do), still low motivation for writing the novel, so I gave myself the day off.

I did submit a short story to an anthology call, though. I also finished a book and wrote my review.



I finished another book and wrote my review.


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