Weeknotes – S07E08 – Lots Going On


Another seven-day ‘writing’ week. The novel is still going well and there are lots of interesting projects coming up on the paid editing front. I’m feeling a bit more enthused about things in general – so yay!



Monday again! And time to eat the frog… So I wrote the next Darkness scene and I have to say, I think I might actually have enjoyed doing it – just a little bit! Here’s hoping this is the start of me making friends with the novel and wanting to spend more time with it…

Then I went back to the prison memoir and edited a sizable chunk, with a plan of finishing it mid-week.

The author whose novel I’m editing chapter by chapter came back with some additional material for chapter one, so I went through that for her.



I researched a few more agents for Legacy and Meditations.



I went into town and started work in the Seed Cafe at the Friends’ Meeting House near Euston this morning. I was feeling a bit frazzled and not in a creative frame of mind, so I ignored the frog for today and got on with both new and ongoing paid editing projects.

First on the list was a life-coaching book, which needed copy editing. I did the whole thing in one sitting (it wasn’t very long) and sent it back to the author for approval, which he did pretty much straight away, and even paid me a bonus for completing it so quickly!

Next, I did a couple of agent submissions for Legacy and Meditations.

After a lovely lunch with a good friend, I edited the penultimate section of the prison memoir.

I also did a bit of brainstorming for an upcoming anthology submission call and edited the latest podcast episode.



So, of course, after finally finding some enjoyment in writing the novel on Monday, I ignored it for a couple of days and then didn’t want to do it again today. But I re-instigated the ‘eat the frog’ approach and wrote the next Darkness scene.

My paid editing for the day was a book of riddles for kids and also finishing off the prison memoir, which left me with no ongoing projects!



I wrote a review of a card game we played on Wednesday.



I went to an in-person writing workshop, which involved a walk round Highgate Woods, with prompts provided at various points. It was fun, and nice to get out and about and meet some lovely people. Though I was hampered somewhat by a thumb injury (occurred during yoga, exacerbated by knitting), which meant I wrote one exercise with my off-hand and another without using my thumb.



I finished a book and wrote my review.


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