Weeknotes – S07E07 – Still Trucking


Still trucking along with the novel, still looking at agents for the two books I’m querying, still working reasonably hard for paying clients – all progress is good progress.



After not having a particularly productive week last week, I knuckled down and wrote the next Darkness scene.

Then it was back to editing the software engineering book, starting the actual editing of the prison memoir, and also completing a plot outline review for a romance novel.

I also finally wrote my long-planned blog post about changing my goal-type for the new novel.

Later, I polished up a very old short story and submitted it to an upcoming anthology call.



I had a later start than intended and really wasn’t feeling the novel, but I continued with my ‘eat the frog’ approach and made myself start the next scene. I managed to get halfway through, but decided I needed to let the subconscious crew percolate for a couple of days before tackling the second half.

Frog-eating over for the day, I went back to the technical ease of paid editing and finished work on the software engineering book. Then I started a new project for a previous client – in-depth copy editing on the first chapter of a novel.



I wrote a review of a book I finished the day before.



I had a big day of writing and editing planned for today, but I didn’t sleep well, so I decided to take it task by task.

I still started off by ‘eating the frog’ and finishing the latest Darkness scene.

Then it was back to the prison memoir to edit that for a bit.

After lunch, I expanded a fairly old short story and submitted it for a new competition.

Then I edited the rest of the first chapter of the novel for the prior client and sent it back to her.

Later, I did all the prep for the next podcast episode.



I edited the most recent podcast episode.



I wrote my review of the audiobook I finished the day before.

I also looked at a query letter for one of the One Story Writing Circle writers and offered some comments.


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