Weeknotes – S04E46 – Ebbs and Flows


Fluctuating motivation and progress this week, but still progress overall.



I woke up with Colours writing itself in my head again, which was amazing. So I got up and did some work on it first thing – by choice rather than by scheduling!

Later, Dave and I embarked on our first After Dinner Focus Hour, during which we both committed to spend an hour after dinner working on non-day-job-related projects, rather than just watching TV or playing computer games. So, I did my requisite three chapters of Artisan proofreading.

I also helped Bear with a post all about Stanleys recent shenanigans and wrote a review of a game I got for my birthday.



In today’s After Dinner Focus Hour, I did seven submissions and also chased a few that have been out for more than six months.



I wasn’t feeling massively motivated today, so I worked on small, easy things instead of trying to focus on either novel.

I wrote a review of the last book I finished and I went through my submissions list and tried to find new places to submit some of the stories that weren’t out for consideration anywhere at the moment. I found new opportunities for eight stories that had been languishing in the Unassigned folder, and actually completed all the submissions during After Dinner Focus Hour, so that was good!



I got up with good intentions, did my TINACAW weekly review, then got sidetracked by getting rejected stories back out for consideration. I did manage to do a bit on Colours, though, just so I could say I had. Then I caught up on some Artisan proofreading before the second TINACAW live workshop.



I edited the most recent podcast episode.


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