Weeknotes – S04E47 – Third Draft Done!


Some great prep work early in the week, leading into my at-home retreat, which went extremely well. As ever, once I actually got started, it didn’t turn out to be as hard as I expected.



I consolidated my remaining Colours revision notes, in the hopes that reorganising them would provide a clearer route to completion. And it did! I came up with some new thoughts about the arc of the antagonist, which clarified how to approach the next round of edits.

I also finished a book and wrote my review.

Later, I used After Dinner Focus Hour to proofread three more chapters of Artisan.



Today marked the first day of my seven-day at-home writing retreat. I started as I meant to go on, with a decent session on Colours, making some really good progress on the antagonist arc.

Then I went back to Artisan and finished the proofreading, before sending the final manuscript back to the publisher!

Later, I finished a book and wrote my review.



I started out with Colours again and completed the additions for the antagonist arc. So, then I went through my notes for the new climax and repeated the exercise from earlier in the week by consolidating them into a new format to help me clarify the way forwards.

I read through the details of a couple of new upcoming submission opportunities and identified unassigned stories I could send in for them.

Later, during my afternoon meditation class, the new climax of Colours played itself out in my mind’s eye like a movie, so I had to break off meditating to write some hasty notes!

I finished another book and wrote my review.



I wrote the new climax of Colours and consolidated my notes for the remaining things that need to be amended or expanded.

Then I took part in the third TINACAW workshop, which was awesome as ever!



I identified some potential submission opportunities for a story that was rejected.

Then I went back to Colours and added in some extra plot points from my notes, to complete the third draft!


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