Weeknotes – S06E15 – Planning complete


I finished my revision plan for the third novel this week – which means I have to start the new draft next week! Eek!



Cafe day today – settled at my usual table by 8:30am, as I had a lot to do.

I started by going through my flash draft and refining/expanding it a bit. I posted it to the TL;DR Slack betaswap channel for feedback, offering feedback on anyone else’s piece in return.

Then I went back to the autobiography to edit that for a bit.

I’d received the next section of the Vegas thriller, so I started editing that.

After lunch, I went back to edit another section of the autobiography, as I was hoping to finish it off and send it back early.

My wonderful critique partner, Hannah, sent me the first draft of her next novel over the weekend, so I started reading through it, adding feedback comments.

Then, I rounded off my writing day by working on the Legacy revision plan a bit more. I was struggling to get into this task properly, but I reminded myself that it had a fixed, external deadline, so it was important I got on with it.

Later, a request came through from a regular client, so I edited their latest blog post.



I started my work day by reading and commenting on another TL;DR writer’s entry for the flash fiction competition, as well as tweaking my own based on her feedback.

I also wrote a review of a book I finished.

Then it was on to the paid editing part of the day, starting with another article for the copy editing blog I’m now apparently a regular contributor to.

I edited the next section of the autobiography, then read and commented on a few more pages of Hannah’s novel.

After lunch, I logged into the Revision Club call and continued with the Legacy revision plan, while I waited for anyone else to turn up  (which they didn’t, but I still managed more than I would have done otherwise, so that was okay).



I submitted my TL;DR flash fiction competition entry.



Back to the cafe today, for focus and lattes!

I started out with a review of a movie I watched the previous night.

Then, I completed editing the autobiography and sent it back to the client for review and approval. He had mentioned having other projects, so I was hoping to get more work from him in the future.

I edited the next chapter of the Vegas thriller, then moved onto an article from a regular blog client.

After lunch, I read the next section of Hannah’s novel and added to my feedback. Then, I went back to the Legacy revision plan and transferred some more of my notes onto the index cards.



I wrote a review of a game we played the night before.

I also finished transferring my character/theme-based notes on Legacy onto my scene-based index cards, thus completing my revision plan, ready to start the new draft next week.

Later, one of the other TL;DR writers posted their flash fiction entry, so I add a few comments.



I wrote a review of a book.


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