Weeknotes – S05E43 – Ups and Downs in Freelancing


The subconscious crew had a great week, coming up with lots of good stuff for novel number four. Things are slowing down on the paid editing front, though, as several promised projects got cancelled or delayed, and there weren’t as many new suitable postings to pitch for.



Slightly weird start to the writing week – I didn’t think I had any paid editing lined up, and then I did. I thought I was going to the cafe early anyway, and then I had my final Accountability Me video call with Claire from CP’s Day Off, so I couldn’t.

But the call was great, as ever – an interesting reflective exercise, looking back on the past, very eventful, ten months in my writing/editing career.

And I made it to the cafe by 10:30am, to settle in for a proper session.

I started out by reviewing (barely) the latest Bond movie.

Then I started my new paid project – developmental editing of a full book manuscript for my romance publisher client. This was the first time I’d done this stage of the process, and it turned out to be for the contemporary romance series, which I didn’t think I was going to be involved in any more. But hey, it was work, and fun work, at that!

I finished my current book over lunch and wrote my review, then wrote my GYWO discussion for the month.

After lunch, I read and commented on the next section of the contemporary romance novel, then went back to my own novel and started on the next scene of Machine. I got about halfway through and set the subconscious crew working on the second half, with a deadline of the next day.



Slightly slow start today, though I got to the cafe an hour earlier than yesterday!

I started with a sample edit for a potential new client, and offered a relatively low rate because I was keen to read the rest of the book! And later in the day, I got hired for the project, so that made me very happy.

Then I went back to the contemporary romance and added comments to the next section.

The subconscious crew had continued their recent trend and provided me with the rest of yesterday’s new Machine scene during my afternoon meditation class. So, I finished off that scene and started the next one.

Next was completing comments on my assigned section of the contemporary romance for the day.

Then I did some brainstorming for a new short story, working towards an upcoming submission opportunity.

Last on the list for the day was editing the first half of a kind of fairytale parody. This was a project that first came my way back in June, right near the start of my new editing career. The writer confirmed she would hire me for the editing, but then I didn’t hear from her until this week, when the manuscript was finally ready!

Much later, I did a bit more work on Machine, after the subconscious crew interrupted my meditation class again!



The subconscious crew were working overtime, as I woke up on my day off (not too early, thankfully) with some ideas for Machine, so I added some notes to the manuscript, so as not to lose them.

Later, I also did a sample edit for a potential new client and won the contract.



Lots of stuff on the to-do list today so back to the cafe early, to have a proper session.

I started by editing a newsletter for my newest client, then I finished editing the fairytale parody, and added comments to another section of the contemporary romance novel.

Then, I provided feedback on a submission to the most recent TL;DR anthology.

I added some more words to Machine, then I went back to the contemporary romance novel and completed comments on my assigned section for the day.

After lunch, I started another new editing project – the contract I won on Tuesday. It was a self-help, productivity book, which is something that always appeals to me, so I was looking forward to getting stuck in.

I got feedback from the first-round editor on my own TL;DR submission, so I worked on that for a bit and then resubmitted the final version.

Today, the subconscious crew solved all the problems with the current scene of Machine halfway through my evening walk. I managed to remember it all and wrote some notes as soon as I got home.



I stayed at home today and did three sample edits for potential new clients.

Next up was editing two blog articles from two regular clients.

Then it was back to adding comments to the penultimate section of the contemporary romance novel, which I then finished after lunch and submitted for approval.

I completed the next scene for Machine, then went back to the productivity book to edit more of that.

I also did a couple of submissions.



I did a lot of pitching for work, since it all suddenly seems to have dried up or evaporated!

The subconscious crew also came up with some awesome answers to questions about Machine (obviously in the middle of a geocaching outing) so I sent myself an email with all the notes in.


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