Weeknotes – S02E20 – Slogging Towards the Finish Line



Progress made on both projects that have looming deadlines, which is good. But not a lot of time spent on writing this week, and I’m missing having long sessions with multiple projects on the go.





Today, I took myself to Notting Hill and enjoyed a comfy chair and giant teapots in the Candella Tea Room.


I caught up on my reviews, then ploughed on with the WIP Big Bang story.




I sent in my snippets for the WIP Big Bang art claims, and added some extra words to the end of the scene I wrote yesterday.




I spent most of the train journey up to Chester locating and correcting the errors my wonderful parents had found in Artisan. It was mostly typos and missing words, but my dad caught one major inconsistency where two characters had the same conversation twice, twenty-five pages apart!




I copy-edited Chapter Four of Artisan on the train home from Chester, using my tried and true method of reading it backwards, sentence by sentence.


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