Weeknotes – S02E19 – It All Adds Up


Good use of available time slots for getting on with stuff. I like having the option to just find a cafe and get to work, now that I’ve trained myself to be able to focus in that kind of environment.



A new week, and some new resolve, as deadlines are looming. I went into town early, to give me an hour or so before meeting Geena, to ensure I got some writing stuff done.

I started with a review of the film we went to see on Saturday, then wrote the fifth and final short piece to complete my Bingo/Yahtzee challenge.

I also wrote a blog post about Winchester anxiety, and the benefits of being realistic about my writing future.



I posted my combined challenge stories, which involved entries on Fic Promptly, Ficlet Zone, Sentinel Bingo, and GYWO Yahtzee. So very complicated – but lots of fun!

In the evening, I went to a London Writers’ Cafe event, which provided really useful feedback on my Artisan cover letter from two agents.



Work trip to Leeds, so I spent an hour on the train honing my cover letters for my Winchester submissions, based on last night’s feedback, then went back to wrestling with the end of the novel.



I put together all the documents for my Winchester submissions and printed them out, ready to post at the weekend. I also sent a pdf of the whole Artusan manuscript to my parents, who are very kindly doing a quick read-through to check it all still makes sense after my recent revisions.



Today’s writing venue was Picturehouse Central, making use of a gap in my day between a meditation class and a trip to the theatre.

I took a break from Artisan and did a stint on the WIP Big Bang instead, since snippets for that are due next week.


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