Weeknotes – S02E13 – Annoying Admin


The admin has to be done, or there will be no publications, no matter how much I write. But it’s really, really annoying.


I got very little sleep on Monday night, so wasn’t feeling particularly enthused by this afternoon, but a booked writing date with Hannah kept me out after work and focused on at least attempting some writing.

I went through the four critiques on Scribophile for my 750-word story, which all had something useful to say, so I made some revisions. I think I managed to improve it.

Then I went through my current Colours outline spreadsheet and worked out where the scenes for the new plot thread will need to go in the structure of the opening sections.



I did the one-minute challenge at oneword.com.



I spent an inordinate amount of time posting my GYWO Yahtzee/Fic Promptly/Ficlet Zone combo stories. Wow, is it complicated and annoying to put together posts of multiple fics with links and info and everything.

I took a break, then submitted several original works for publication or competitions. Submission admin is so tedious.

I did some of the research I needed for my planned WIP Big Bang story – which involved watching a couple of very good movies and making copious notes (much less tedious than submissions!).



I did the day’s one-minute writing challenge at oneword.com.

I registered with the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society, and logged all my printed publications to date.

I watched another movie to complete my WIP Big Bang research and wrote a ton of notes. I have the whole outline in my head now – I’m just not sure I can do it justice.


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