Freelance Panic

It’s now been nearly three years since I started my freelance editing business, and I still wake up most mornings marvelling at the fact that I have a job I love, that’s so flexible and that is earning me a lot more money per hour than I ever made in an office job.   However, […]

Professional Development

When I first started out as a freelance editor, back in April 2021, all the other editors I spoke to recommended joining the Chartered Institute of Editors and Proofreaders (CIEP).   I duly looked into and and it seemed: Expensive (membership fees, upgrade fees, course fees) Complicated (tracking work experience and fulfilling CPD requirements) Time […]

Blog Articles About Copy Editing

I’ve been guest-posting articles on the Stand Corrected Editing blog. You can read them here: Can Grammarly Replace a Human Editor? How to Revisit an Old Unfinished Project Developmental Editing, Copy Editing, Line Editing – What’s the Difference? Pros and Cons of Using a Pseudonym Differences Between Self-Publishing, Hybrid Publishing and Vanity Publishing How to […]

Get There Faster!

The theme of my meditation class on Monday was the idea of planting seeds and then giving them time to take root and grow. It was about letting go of unrealistic expectations and allowing life to unfold at its own pace without getting frustrated at that pace being too slow.   And – wow – […]