Weeknotes – S05E21 – Not Really A Week Off At All


Considering I was going to take the week off, I’ve done a heck of a lot on writing projects this week!


I received an email from someone referred to me by Cressi from Reading Retreats, asking if I could take on a huge proofreading job before 8 June. I responded in the affirmative and later spoke to her on the phone to discuss the details further.


I wrote a list of all the writing-related projects I wanted to work on between now and 8 June, prioritised them and created a schedule to ensure I could complete the paid contract and also work on some other important things as well.


I finished the last two modules of the Marketing for Writers course, wrote my GYWO discussion post for the month, and also gave some feedback to a TL;DR writer on the start of his novel – all trying to clear the decks a bit before the mammoth proofreading job came through.


I helped Bear make a post about our recent trip to Rustington.

I also started the Freelance Bootcamp I signed up for a couple of weeks ago.


I didn’t yet have confirmation of when the proofreading job would actually start, so I devised a list of lots of other things I could make progress on, in order to free up time later on for that.

I started with the next Safeguarding scene, then did the whole of the first week’s work on the Freelancing Bootcamp.

I also did some submissions and wrote more notes for a new short story.

Later, I got a small but urgent project on Upwork so I completed that.


I wrote the next Safeguarding scene and edited the most recent episode of the podcast.

Later, I brainstormed a new short story idea, with the help of my random story element grids, and it really helped me expand on the concept to include more plot and a satisfying resolution.

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