Weeknotes – S05E22 – Back Out in the World


A trip out to write in a cafe, and a repeat paying client for editing work! Small steps, but good ones.



I had my accountability session with Claire from CP’s Day Off and figured out that I never want to write the novel because it falls between easy grunt work tasks and exciting new idea development. I know what I’m doing with it but it’s lost its sparkle and it still takes effort to work on.

Even so, I did complete the next Safeguarding scene after the session.



I wrote a review of the book I finished the night before, and also did a submission.



As the sun was shining and a free day beckoned, I headed out of the flat to explore cafe options in the area. I settled on Nanny Apples’ Tea Room near Oakwood Station, claimed a table and a large cup of tea, and cracked on with Safeguarding.

It was really weird being out in the world, with traffic going by outside and other customers coming in and out. I didn’t stay as long as I’d planned, or achieve as much as I wanted, but it was a start. I have other cafes in the area to try – but there’s also an argument that I’ll spend less money if I just write at home, and I’ve become used to that now, so I’m not sure.



I picked up a short, but well paid editing job on Upwork, so completed that during the morning, which led to a request for more work from the same client for next week, which was awesome.

Then I did some more investigation of other sources of paid editing work on other freelancing platforms and job sites.

Later, I did Week 2 of Freelance Bootcamp.


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