Weeknotes – S03E35 – Slowing Down Again


My awesome motivation levels and resulting productivity have taken a nose-dive this week, But that’s okay. I’m enjoying spending more time on reviews and I’m doing a lot of editing work for other people, which makes an interesting change.



After ignoring Colours for weeks, I finally got around to editing the first chapter, ready to submit for the conclusion of the Six Month Novel Programme at the weekend.

I finished another book and wrote my review.



And I finished yet another book and wrote my review.



I met Ann in our usual spot and did some organising of lists and calendars, then did a Scribophile critique and a couple of reviews.

Someone I met on Scribophile sent me his YA novel to look at last week and I started editing it over the weekend – and it’s really good! So I carried on editing that for a bit.

Then I went back to my Succession brainstorming notes and did some more thinking about the story, before making a start on the first draft. The subconscious crew came through like champions and my vague outline started to take proper shape.

I finished up the session by starting Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon, for the current round of GYWO Book Club.

Later in the day, I wrote reviews of a couple of TV shows I’ve been enjoying recently, and also a book I failed to finish.



I helped Bear with is fourth and final Norway post, and submitted the edited first chapter of Colours as the completion of the Six Month Novel Programme.

I did some more editing on both the novels I’ve agreed to review – one on Scribophile and one not.


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