Weeknotes – S03E34 – Lots of Reviewing


Lots of reviews, rather than actual fiction writing, but at least I’m doing proper, in-depth reviews rather than only a couple of lines. I realised part of the problem was that I was trying to avoid spoilers, so I’ve given up on that now and find I have a lot more to say about stuff.



I arranged to meet a friend at Good & Proper for lunch and went in early to work on writing stuff beforehand. I brainstormed ideas for an upcoming anthology I want to submit to, using both my fantasy images grid and my story ideas tarot deck. I also did one of my Six Month Novel Programme reader reviews of another writer’s antagonist introduction.

After I got home, I wrote a review of the book I finished on the train.



I finished an audiobook and a text book and wrote reviews of them both.



I watched a documentary and wrote a review for it.



I finished another book and wrote my review, and then helped Bear with his third post about Norway.



I did some more in depth reviews, one for yesterday’s trip to the ballet and a set for a novella/manga/movie. This brought my completed books to eight in less than two weeks!

I went through my Scribophile critiques for the Prince’s Curse and submitted it for the anthology I wrote it for.


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