Weeknotes – S03E36 – Tidbits and Reviews


Mostly little bits and pieces this week, though activities did include a fair amount of organising and planning of bigger projects.



I did some reorganising of my writing projects, to fit upcoming submission opportunities. I also typed up all the notes from my current notebook and read some more of Steal Like An Artist.

I finished my latest book and wrote my review, and also did some more editing of the YA vampire novel someone sent me.



I wrote two interim episodes for the podcast and completed my entry for the Black Hare Press September drabble competition. 



I finished my current audiobook and wrote the review. Then I amended the first chapter of Colours based on comments from my editor.



I did a ton more editing on the YA vampire novel.



I wrote a lengthy review of an audiobook I didn’t finish.



On getting up, I decided I couldn’t be bothered with anything productive today, but then I pulled my blessings and got Persistence, Swiftness and Strength. So, with less than four hours to go before the deadline, I wrote and submitted an entry for this month’s AWC Furious Fiction competition.


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