Weeknotes – S03E37 – Podcast-tastic!


Tons of really fun, exciting and productive work on the podcast this week. After the initial difficulties we had, we’ve now got the equipment and the expertise to produce actual episodes and I can’t wait until we’re ready to release them.



I started off by writing an entry for the current Fandom Weekly competition.

I did some submissions and some more vampire editing.

I also finally started the Neil Gaiman Masterclass Dave bought me three months ago and completed the first two lessons.

I did a test recording of an interim podcast episode, which allowed me to determine the digital recording doohickey we’ve bought should be fine, but that my current plan for the interim episodes doesn’t include enough content so I’ll have to expand them. I subsequently worked on my first two scripts and made plans for media to revisit for future episodes.



I added to my first interim podcast episode script and did another test recording.



I did a ton more editing on the vampire novel, and also completed my GYWO discussion post for the month.



I finished another book and wrote a review of it.



I edited the first podcast interim episode, added the intro and outro music and tweaked it until I was happy with the sound quality overall. I was very pleased with this evening’s work, as it was fun and produced something I’d be content to release into the world, which is encouraging for the main show.



I finished editing the vampire novel and sent all my comments back to its author..

I also edited the first ever Harry Potter fanfic I wrote (over fifteen years ago) and posted it.

Dave and I had tremendous fun recording the first main podcast episode and than I had even more fun editing it and adding the music. So now we have two whole episodes ready to go, which is exciting, and we’re both really looking forward to doing more. It looks like the podcast is actually going to be a thing!



I wrote and posted an entry for Fandom Weekly and did some more podcast planning.


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