Weeknotes – S06E33 – Routine Finally Re-established!


I really feel like I actually, properly got back into my routine this week, for the first time since the retreat in early June. I managed six-hour editing/writing days and worked on all three of my current book projects, which felt really good!



I wrote a review of a book I recently finished.



Back to the cafe for a proper work day.

I edited the next sections of both client novels, both of which I was still really enjoying.

I added some more notes to the document with the ideas for the co-authored dark fantasy story.



I compiled some Darkness notes onto World Anvil.



Cafe day again – and I promised myself (and my accountability buddy) that I would stay after lunch to work on all of my own personal writing projects, after completing my paid editing for the day.

I wrote a couple of reviews to start.

Then I went back to the fantasy novel and started editing the second half, which went in a really interesting direction, so I had to concentrate to ensure I didn’t get too engrossed in the story and not pay attention to the editing detail!

I wrote my GYWO discussion post for the day, then edited the next section of the ‘commercially unviable’ novel, before returning to the fantasy novel to edit two more chapters.

After lunch, I knuckled down and went through the feedback I got from my editor on Legacy the day before, so I could work out my next draft revision plan and submission schedule. I also tweaked my query letter and synopsis, based on her comments.

I also did some work on the publication plan for Meditations and compiled some more Darkness notes – so I actually worked on all three book projects! It felt really good to dive back into my own writing and I was excited at the stages each book had reached.



I tweaked the query letter for Legacy a bit more, to add references to the character diversity.

I also revised the Legacy revision plan, expanding it out a bit more and organising it into the right order, so I could just run through the whole manuscript once and cover everything.



I attended one of Claire P’s freewriting workshops, which was as fun and beneficial as ever. There were only three of us, including Claire, which is the perfect number, in my view, as we can share everything we write together, rather than being split into groups.


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