Weeknotes – S06E32 – Interrupted by Trip Away


I did manage one full day of both paid editing and working on my own writing projects this week! I was away Thursday through Sunday, though, so that’s not bad overall!



I worked mostly on the fantasy novel for my writing retreat friend today, though I also edited a chapter of the self-improvement book that was one of my first paid contracts last year and that has suddenly resurfaced.

I also wrote a review of the game we played the day before.



I wrote a list of tasks and promised myself I would do at least some work on all of them today!

I started out with a couple of hours of editing on the two client novels – both of which were really great, but I also felt I was able to offer valuable suggestions for improvement. I love my job!

Later, I wrote a review of a book I finished the night before, edited the latest podcast episode, compiled some more of my Darkness notes on World Anvil and read the final chapter of the book about writing nonfiction, with a view to working out a publication plan for Meditations.

I actually managed to keep going from 9:30am to 4:30pm (with 45 minutes off for lunch) – motivated by an afternoon Revision Club session – so I basically did nearly a full work day – hurrah!



I wrote a review of a new game I played.


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