Weeknotes – S06E31 – Creativity Re-emerging


I feel like I’m gradually getting back into the swing of things, both on the work and the writing front!



I finished editing the courtroom novella and sent it back to the author, who was very happy with the outcome.

I also managed to add a bit more to the Meditations manuscript, in fact completing the sixth and final chapter – though there’s still the conclusion and end-type bits to go. It felt good to do a decent amount of new writing, though – for what felt like the first time in ages. And the end was definitely in sight!



I wrote a blog post about post-Covid fatigue.

I also finished the first draft of Meditations! Now just waiting for the last few contributions from others, so I can send it to my editor…



A couple of queries came through from the family history author, so I went through the manuscript and answered them.

I also did some submissions.



I made it back to the cafe today for what would hopefully be a decent work/writing session.

One of my old blog clients had popped up unexpectedly with some more work, so I did that first. Then it was on to editing the last section of the ‘commercially unviable’ novel, before moving on to editing the opening of a fantasy novel by someone I met at a writing retreat in June.

Working on the ‘commercially unviable’ novel (a term I feel I shouldn’t use, since it’s one of the best things I’ve ever read), I felt the stirrings of that old feeling of longing – to write, to create, to strive towards bringing something worthwhile into the world… Which was very lovely, since I hadn’t felt that for a while and hoped it might mean a real resurgence of my own creativity, after many weeks of barren fields.

After lunch, I brainstormed some of the ideas my co-author and I had come up with for the dark fantasy submission call. I put together a rough plan for two of them – and it went very dark, very fast, which is unusual for me. But the publisher said no happy endings allowed…

Then, I went back to the beginning of my Darkness notes and started sorting through them, transferring them into articles on World Anvil, in an attempt to get the idea back in my head and the notes into some sort of usable form.

This was more creative work than I’ve done in one day in a while, which felt good.

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