Weeknotes – S06E30 – Getting There Slowly


Good progress on paid client work, and enough work set up for next month, which is good. Still a bit slow on getting back to my own writing projects, but gradually chugging along.



I finally made it back to the cafe after more than three weeks away. Getting up in the morning was still a bit of a struggle, but I made it to my usual table before 9am.

I started with paid editing work – the family history, the novel, and a new novella project.

After lunch, I did some reviews and some submissions.



I finished editing the first half of the novella and the author was happy enough for me to work on the second half too. I also edited some more of the novel.



I helped Bear with a post about a recent caching expedition and also did some submissions.



I finished editing the family history, and the second part of the novel – I sent them both back for review and approval. I also edited an extra chapter for one of the prison memoirs.

On the personal projects front, I wrote a review of a musical from the night before, and gave feedback on the submission package of one of the Revision Club members.



I wrote a review of a game.


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