Weeknotes – S04E10 – Back To Proper Sessions


I feel like I got some good stuff done this week, and am happy that I scheduled some proper writing sessions.



I edited the first chapter of a friend’s novel.



I reviewed a Vaults show I went to see the night before.

I finished two books and wrote reviews of each of them.

And I went through the new edition of Writing Magazine and added a few submission opportunities to my spreadsheet.



I wrote a review of the dance show I saw the previous night.

I edited the next four chapters of my friend’s novel.

I wrote my GYWO discussion post for the month.

I wrote and recorded the next interim podcast episode.



I edited the most recent interim podcast episode.



I planned a proper writing session out of the flat and ensconced myself in Starbucks from 9am.

I brainstormed a new idea for an upcoming competition and made some useful notes, coming up with an almost complete outline, including a good ending.

Then I brainstormed the requirements for this month’s AWC Furious Fiction competition, came up with an idea and wrote and submitted the piece.

I went back to an old story and cut out 200 words to make it fit a submission opportunity. Then I checked another older story to ensure it fit the requirements of another submission opportunity.


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