S04E50 – Weeknotes – Ten Days is Too Many


Despite forgetting (yet again) that trying to write every day quickly leads to burn out for me, I did manage to get some useful stuff done here and there this week in the end.



I woke up feeling incredibly demotivated on the writing front, after all the excitement and new ideas of the previous week. I checked my writing diary and discovered I’d done writing sessions ten days in a row, which historically has been about my limit.

So, instead of writing new Colours scenes based on the ideas the subconscious crew came up with the night before, I wrote some notes about them.

And instead of trying to force more words onto Connection, I did the next Novelry course lesson and then called it a day.



I kept it light again, just completing the next Novelry course lesson.



I did my next GYWO discussion post and did a couple more Novelry course lessons, also making some additional notes on Safeguarding based on what I learned.

Later, I was thinking about the issues I was having with Connection, and an answer came to me. It was originally conceived as existential horror, but was coming out as an angsty gay love story. So I switched the submission opportunity I was aiming for with it, to another one it was a better fit for, and which had a later deadline. This made me very happy.



I made a list of everything I wanted to accomplish over the weekend, organised it in order of priority and then started with the first thing.

I reviewed the edits on the story I submitted to the latest TL;DR anthology call, which were minimal and accompanied by very positive feedback from my editor.

Then I added potential new submission opportunities from this month’s Writing Magazine to my rolling spreadsheet. After stepping back a bit from short stories for the last quarter of 2020, there were lots of exciting listings in WM this month, so I’ll have to be careful not to get distracted away from the bigger projects I want to work on in 2021.

I beta-read a story for one of the other TL;DR writers and offered some comments.



I did a chunk of Novelry course lessons and wrote some more notes for Safeguarding.


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