Weeknotes – S04E49 – Brain Sparkage!


Lots of excellent brain sparkage this week! Talking through ideas and fielding difficult questions prompted the good old subconscious crew to work overtime, so it’s been an exciting week on the writing front!



This morning, I did another lesson of the Novelry course and wrote some notes for Safeguarding on infusing the story with relatable emotion.

I edited the most recent podcast episode.



I did the next Novelry course lesson.



I did the next Novelry course lesson.



I wrote some notes on Safeguarding and did some submissions.

I added a new scene to Connection and did the next two Novelry course lessons.



I did the next Novelry course lesson.

Later, I went for a walk with Dave and talked to him about the basic idea behind Safeguarding – he asked some difficult questions that sparked some great ideas for how to expand the scope and involve a secondary narrative thread.

I finished a book and wrote my review.

I also made some additional notes for the next Colours revision, based on another conversation with Dave – he was really useful today!



Overnight, the subconscious crew came up with a new piece of Colours I’d been trying to fit into the puzzle for months, so I added a scene and made some more revision notes.

Then I did the next couple of Novelry course lessons before logging on for the weekly TINACAW workshop. This week, there was time in the session to do some actual creative work, so I added 500 more words to Connection. We also talked about life balance and identifying where we could carve out more time for writing, but I decided my current schedule was working well and though it best not to try and force my writing time at the moment.

I talked about Safeguarding with Dave again later in the day, resulting in more frantic note scribbling as new ideas sparked.



I submitted an entry for AWC’s final Furious Fiction competition of the year.

I wrote a review of the book I finished the day before.

And I did the next lesson on the Novelry course.


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