Weeknotes – S02E46 – Feels Like Progress!



One really good, productive session, and lot of little bits throughout the week.




I met Ann at Good & Proper with a resolution that I would write at least one paragraph for each of the three main fiction projects on my list at the moment (with the hope that one paragraph would lead to more).


But I started off with an email to the content editor of a new genre writing website, which Ann had pointed me towards. They are looking for articles and reviews for their upcoming weekly blog and it seemed like a good opportunity to get in at the start as a potentially regular contributor.


Then I went back to the Submittable competition to try and get the first draft done if I could. Which it turns out I could. The story arc I had in mind fit pretty much exactly into the 50 paragraph requirement and I was very happy with how it went overall. I posted it on Scribophile for critiques, since there were still ten days to go before the deadline.


I did a couple of Scribophile critiques to build my points back up and also bring my story closer to the spotlight.


I also did manage to write at least a bit of both Colours and Ritual, in order to fulfil my resolution for the day.




Work trip to Chester provided a couple of decent train journeys.


The content editor at Dream Foundry came back to me with a couple of commissions of articles, so I had a look through my saved selection to see what I could rewrite to her specification and put together a first draft for one.


I also did a few more Scribophile critiques to get my story closer to the spotlight and also build my points back up again for the next time I want to post there.




I went through several critiques of my Submittable story, which all had useful suggestions for improvements but also all said they really enjoyed it, which was nice.




I wrote a review of a book I finished earlier in the day.




I once again finished a book and wrote a review of it.


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