Weeknotes – S02E45 – Finally Some Fiction!


A good amount of stuff achieved, and finally some fiction!



I helped Bear post about our most recent reading retreat.



I wrote reviews of all the books I read while on retreat.



I took the opportunity of a long gap between appointments in town to settle myself at the Elgin in Ladbroke Grove, to try and get some writing done.

I posted my recent blog post on Writing the Other to the GYWO discussion forum.

Then I went back to the requirements for the Submittable competition and started to write my entry. As usual, once I finally got going, the words flowed quickly and I got over 1200 down in one sitting.

I read a bit of Word Painting to finish off my session.



I wrote my monthly discussion post for GYWO.



I caught up on my reviews.

I also submitted a few pieces for potential publication.


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