Weeknotes – S02E44 – More Non-Fiction Fuel in the Fire


Still no actual fiction writing again this week – the fiction crew are definitely on shore leave at the moment, leaving the nonfiction crew to stoke the boilers on their own.



I had a leisurely morning and then took myself off to Good and Proper with the intention of working hard until closing time.

I started by reviewing the new board games I played over the weekend, then wrote a blog post about an amusing publication acceptance I received over the weekend. Then I drafted a new article for the first Etre prompt from the notes I’d made the day before.

Submittable sent me an alert about a really interesting competition, so I added it to my submissions spreadsheet and made some notes for a possible entry.



I completed some submissions.



I wrote a review of the most recent book I read.



I thought some more about the Submittable story and added to my notes.



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