Weeknotes – S02E51 – 2018 Wrap-Up



I’m pleased overall with my 2018 writing. I revised my first novel and got a good response from submitting it. I worked on my second novel and have a plan for taking it forwards. I wrote several really good short stories and got a fair few published. I found paid work in the non-fiction field, which I intend to cultivate next year. And I have really big plans for 2019! 




I checked the proofs for an upcoming publication, which is always exciting.




I reviewed my favourite game of the year.




I reviewed the two new games that were gifted within my family at Christmas.


I also did a lot of thinking and a small amount of research about a non-fiction project I came up with some time ago but am now considering looking into seriously.


Jen from Dream Foundry confirmed that my first article had been posted to the blog.




I helped Bear post about Christmas.




I read a graphic novel and then reviewed it.




I played two games that were previously unknown to me, so I reviewed them.


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