Weeknotes – S02E48 – Tailing Off…


Not a very productive week. Mostly just admin and reviews.



I met Ann at our old stomping grounds in Brick Lane, and started out with a blog post about the benefits of fanfiction, which got picked up and retweeted by the creators of Fanatical: The Sci-Fi Convention Musical.

Then I faffed around with my submissions spreadsheet, tracking entries, recording rejections and identifying new places to send unassigned stories.

I checked upcoming submission opportunities and brainstormed some ideas for a couple due by the end of December.

Then I read some more of Word Painting and made notes.



I wrote a somewhat scanty review of the second Fantastic Beasts movie.

I also went through this month’s Writing Magazine and added lots of submission opportunities to my spreadsheet.



I wrote a very silly review of my third trip to see Fanatical.



I posted my GYWO discussion for the month and wrote a review of the book I finished earlier in the week.


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