Weeknotes – S06E25 – All Work and No Writing


Plenty of paid work done, not so much on the personal writing projects front…



Lots of paid editing work to complete this week, so I put together my task list and knuckled down at 8am.

I finished editing the numerology book first and sent it back to the publisher for review and approval.

Then I went back to the ‘commercially unviable novel’ and the memoir. I interspersed client work with reading the opening of the new version of my friend Hannah’s latest novel, providing my comments on the changes. I also started editing the second instalment in the romance story I worked on last month, which had come through. Last on the client for the day was a collection of short stories from a new client, so I edited the first one.



I helped Bear with his post about our lovely day out in central London on Monday.



I meant to get up early, head to the cafe for when it opened and then settle in for a full-on day. But things didn’t go quite as smoothly as I’d planned, so I didn’t actually start work until after nine. Ah, well…

I started by editing the second in the collection of short stories, then the next section of the ‘commercially unviable’ novel (which really isn’t at all), followed by the memoir and the romance short story.

After that, I was totally knackered, so I shifted the rest of today’s to-do list onto other days, so I could have the afternoon off.



After a late night, I decided to stay at home today, but I still had a long list of paid work to do, and was also keen to get back to my own projects, which had been languishing since my return from retreat

I finished editing the first half of the short stories and the first half of the memoir, submitting both for review and approval. I also finished editing the romance story and submitted that too.

But I just didn’t have the energy to dedicate to my own projects, so I rearranged my schedule for next week, in the hopes of doing better then.


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