Weeknotes S03E24 – Getting Back Into The Groove


Reasonably slow come-back after a break, but still good progress on both novels and a couple of other bits completed as well.



Still finding my feet after last week’s total break on retreat. I brainstormed ideas for an upcoming flash competition and wrote a 100-word story for another upcoming submission.



Trying out a new writing location – Cafe Piazza in Hay’s Galleria. A bit loud but convenient.

Today I launched back into Colours, which was scary because I’d reached the crossover point between revising stuff that was already written and embarking into blank page territory. I do have an outline but it was still a bit nerve-wracking. However, I forged onwards and got two new scenes done.

Then I did this month’s GYWO discussion post and wrote a blog post about my retreat experience from last week.



I wrote a review of an audiobook.



I took the opportunity of a free day at home to complete the corrections on Artisan that my parents had found in their read-through, as this was much easier on a PC than on a tablet.

I also submitted a short piece of fiction for a competition.


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