Weeknotes – S03E22 – Meeting Targets


I gave myself a deadline of the end of this week to complete my edits on Artisan and get to the end of Colours Part One – and I succeeded with both! I also managed a fair few other writing targets, not least of which was clearing my submissions list. Fly, my pretties, fly!



I started going through Hannah’s edits of selected Artisan scenes.



I went through another couple of the Artisan scenes Hannah had edited.



I finished working through Hannah’s Artisan edits and slotted all the amended scenes back into the main manuscript. Then I wrote a few more scenes of Colours, getting to the end of Part One.



I headed out early to Picturehouse Central and started with a review of the film I watched the night before.

Then I edited Chapter Twenty-Eight of Artisan.

I decided to complete one more GYWO Yahtzee entry before the deadline and thought trying some poetry might be fun. So I wrote five terrible poems to fulfil the Full House scoring requirements.

That finished off my current notebook so I typed up the notes I wanted to save and said a fond farewell to it. Always exciting to start a new notebook, though!



I submitted a story for an anthology whose deadline was today.

I also wrote a couple of brief reviews.

Then I finished off editing the last three chapters of Artisan and sent it off to Dave and my parents for a sense-check. So much has changed and been taken out, I was worried it wouldn’t be coherent for someone unfamiliar with the story and I didn’t think I would be able to spot potential problem areas myself.



I did some editing and completed some submissions.

My dad called to tell me he’d read the first two chapters of Artisan and thought there was a marked improvement from the last iteration, which was encouraging. He gave me some edits, which I did on the spot.



I entered this week’s Fandom Weekly competition and wrote a review.

Then I did some more editing of Artisan from comments from my mum, and also completed some more submissions.


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