Weeknotes – S03E21 – Still Feeling Good


Another productive week, particularly on the novels front. And also some great news of publication acceptances. So good all round.



Another reviewing day at the Brighton Fringe.

I decided to get the train down early to write before my first show and cracked on with five more Colours scenes on the train.

After lunch, I claimed a spot in the Werks Cafe and edited Artisan Chapters Twenty-Five to Twenty-Seven.

Then I attended three shows and wrote and submitted all three reviews.

And on the way home, I got an email saying a short story I wrote earlier in the year has been accepted for the anthology it was written for, which was very pleasing.



I went to a Write and a Pint workshop in the evening, which was a lot of fun and generated some ideas for new stories.



I heard back that four out of my five submissions to a particular anthology had been accepted for publication, which was lovely.

I wrote a review of the book I finished the night before.



In anticipation of Ann being available to meet up again on Thursdays from mid-June, I ventured to Bermondsey to scout out possible cafes. The Watch House looked delightful but really tiny, so I settled in Hej Coffee just round the corner. Not the best tea selection, but good enough for occasional visits and the outside tables will likely be pleasant over the summer. Until I discovered they don’t have a customer toilet. Hey ho.

I started off with a review

Then I turned my attention to my WIP Big Bang story, as snippets were due for posting by Saturday. I managed to put together some excerpts and submit them. It was really fun to get back into writing a long fanfic, even if I was just editing, rather than writing something new.



I wrote another review – I finished a lot of books this week!

I finished and posted my third entry for the GYWO Yahtzee competition, keeping myself hopefully firmly at the top of the leaderboard.

Then I went back to Perfection and edited it based on Scribophile comments. 



I went into London early to take advantage of a couple of hours before meeting my mum for lunch.

I did some planning to ensure I had enough days to complete the first draft of Colours within the Six Month Novel Programme timeframe and updated my list of current projects.

Then I cracked on with the remaining scenes of Colours Part One, ready to submit my May words for SMN on Monday.


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