Weeknotes – S03E10 – Structural Wranglings


Trying to sort out the structure for a novel with four viewpoints and four separate timelines turns out to be quite complicated! Definitely time to stop tweaking and actually write the thing now, though…



I wrote a review.



I realised the new structure for Colours wouldn’t work so I rethought and made a plan for an approach that was closer to the original one again.



I attended two Vaults shows and wrote notes for my reviews.



I wrote both my Fringe Guru reviews for the week at a Writers Initiative meetup.

Then I went to meet Ann in Wapping and brainstormed this week’s short fanfiction prompts.

I edited The Dilemma, based on my Scribophile critiques.

Then I battled further with the Colours structure and came up with a new plan.



I added new submission opportunities to my spreadsheet from Writing Magazine and Mslexia.

Then I spent the afternoon happily writing fanfiction, completing five entries for Fandom Weekly and Fic Promptly.



I went back to the structural battle for Colours and wrangled my documents into shape via the new plan.



I submitted several short stories for potential publication and wrangled the Colour structure some more.


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